Frozen Inspired Wreath, how to Tutorial #DisneySide

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Frozen Inspired Wreath

It's a Princess @Home #DisneySide Celebrations!!

Being a Disney Family and having two little girls means there is a Princess here, another one there and some more on the other side. The best of all is that we are Ok with that and besides all having fun we make playtime as much as learning time as we can.

As you can probably imagine, these days Ana and Elsa are number one on the hit parade, and I am amazed how we have gotten to love them so much.

I wanted to create a beautiful ornament wreath that would go along with our DisneySide Celebration. The girls insisted that Frozen was the way to go. So today we are showing you how we made a Frozen Inspired Wreath and how you can make one to.

What we used:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 1 blue 10 inch Glitter Deco Mesh Rolls
  • Blue shiny ribbon
  • Plenty of Pins, open Clips, or large staples to secure the mesh in place
  • 14 inch foam wreath (they only had green, but if you can get white it works better)
  • Snowflakes and ornaments you can use different types and sizes

#DisneySide favor box - craft #DisneySide Book marker - craft

  1. We started by pinning the blue deco mesh to the back side of the foam wreath then completely wrapping the foam wreath with the blue mesh, after completely covering the foam, pin the mesh but do not cut it.
  2. Measure about 10 inches of mesh and pin to the foam approximately 4 inches apart, repeat the process until you have reached half way of the wreath, secure the mesh to the back side.
  3. You can add different types of ribbon and make it even more interesting. I just worked with what we had. Go ahead and do the same.

#Disney Side Craft - Book Marker
Now you should have a lovely DisneySide Wreath for your Frozen Inspired Celebration, display it for all to enjoy.

"More Party ideas to come!"


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was given for this post. I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. All opinions and crafts are 100% my own. For our full disclosure and PR Info Click Here.

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