Pediatricians Wordless Wednesday Hop116

Written by Crafty Spices
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Wordless Wednesday Hop!

Wordless Wednesday! WWHop116
Featuring "Pediatricians"

I am sure that by now you know how we love to get the girls involved in a one on one or hands on experience.

There are some professions that are more realistic that others, when it comes to doctor or in this case pediatricians, the girls have their own, but had never practice being one and having to understand how important it is to take proper care of babies.

This was a wonderful experience as we got to watch out little girls go true a “training" to be able to enter and help in the nursery clinic (All make-believe of course).

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"Our Girls, The Pediatricians"
Kaylee and Kaylee getting ready to treat their baby
Kaylee and Kaylee putting diapers on the babies
Kaylee and Kaylee feeding the babies
Kaylee and Kaylee burping the babies
Kaylee and Kaylee learning to burp the babies
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