Five Among Friends 3

Written by Crafty Spices
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Five Among Friends

This Weeks questions come to us by the lovely Dawn from Dawn's Disaster.

The Five Among Friends has become a great way to share more about each other and get to know better some of our Friends.

A week has gone by, here are Five more questions and our five answers.

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Getting to know each other better!
1. Who is the person that made you do the dumbest thing? What was it?
    Well I like to think they have been silly things rather than dumb. Without a doubt not only has she made me do silly things but she still does make me do silly things, I have found myself hopping in the middle of the mall, playing hide and go seek in public.
2. What was the FIRST job you ever had?
    Oh wow, I worked in an Ice Cream store, it was fun the owner let us eat all the ice cream we wanted as long as we did not use the containers or cones. It was a great experience, I got to meet many interesting people and heard many funny stories, all while serving ice cream. After a while I really did not want to eat any ice cream at all.
3. When do you relax and how do you do it?
    What is that?
    I was under the impression that after kids it did not happen.
    Do you really have time just to relax?, I certainly don't, when I'm not doing something with the girls, I'm doing something in the house, dealing with paper work, oh wait... the girls again, and don't forget the house and the hubby...
    I can probably dream of it, but I don't think I even relax when I'm sleeping. I'm always thinking of what I have to do. I think I should probably give it a try... One of these days.
4. Where was your most memorable date? Who was it with?
    No questions asked, a night in-front of the Niagara falls outranks all others. Many years ago a great man invited me to visit Niagara Falls, it was if not the best, definitely one of the best trips I have ever been. Every moment of this trip seem like different date, each one better than the one before, and trust me I was not complaining. While there one night he invited me for a walk, not a fancy restaurant, no specific direction, just a long walk by The Falls, it was just memorable. A number of years later in Chicago in-front of the Michigan lake he proposed and now he is my Lovely Husband and Father to our 2 little girls.
5. Why do you blog?
    Why? Could this be a stress reliever? hummm not sure if it is but it's a great feeling.
    What is it about it? it's the people, it's the sharing and learning, the feedback, it's the know that someone out there that you have not meet physically has something in common with me.
    I love the feeling of sharing (no matter what it is), I believe that we can all learn something from each other and the best way is to share and get to know what others do. And so now blogging is part of my life.
This is all for now...
We would love for you to participate!
Leave a comment with a link to YOUR answers and I'll stop by.

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