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Versatile Blog Award!

Crafty Spices second award, how exciting is that!! This time is the Versatile Blog Award, and of course I have no idea what is this award about, except for the fact that it is named versatile blog, I guess people do appreciate versatility :).

I am a very curious person, so I had to do a little digging around...

After doing a little research the closes that I’ve gotten in finding out what is the “Versatile Blog Award” is the quote below, I found the same exact quote in multiple sites, unfortunately without pin-pointing to the exact origin of the quote itself.

Our Second Award.
The Versatile Award

“As far as I can tell — details are rather sketchy and only the creator knows for sure — this lofty-sounding award is basically a mutual admiration society where bloggers recognize their peers for writing quality blogs that touched them in some way. The VBAs honor the blogger rather than specific posts. It’s a chance for bloggers to pat themselves on the back like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does with the Oscars. Until someone starts giving out Blogscars, the VBAs will have to suffice”.

Now that we know a little about the award, I first need to thank Raven Green at “msmommyhh6” for nominating us for this award.

Versatile Blogger Award
Ms. MommyHH6 She is a wonderful blogger, an Army wife, mother and special needs advocate. She has a very versatile blog where she talks about all topics mom related (Cooking, Cleaning, kids, reviews, and many other topics), she is also a business owner and seems like a very active person.

MS MommyHH6 weekly schedules features personal posts, guess posts, surprise Sunday Post, and a special "6" list!
If you haven't done so yet, please visit her site.
Here are the rules for receiving the award:
  1. Thank the person that gave you the award in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers.
  3. Include 7 random things about yourself in your post.
  4. Include the rules in your post.
  5. Notify your nominees by leaving them a comment.
My Nominees are: AD DESCRIPTION
7 random things about me:
  1. I don't like to argue, but I do stand-up for my believes.
  2. I have a brother that has been in the US Army for 16 years.
  3. I get bad migraines
  4. I don't like messes.
  5. I like when my husband puts gas to my car.
  6. I learned to swim on my own and now I enjoy teaching my little one.
  7. I try and try, but I can never get myself to bed early.


Thank you everyone for stopping by. I hope you find the bloggers I nominated as inspiring as I have.
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