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In a blink of an eye our lives could change , so what does one do?
We hang in there, we keep our faith and trust that things will see better days.

This year has been a “Work in progress”, we have opted to set things down and focus on one day at a time. With one battle after another at times it seems like a never ending story, one with an unscrambling plot and bitter taste. The one thing we are very proud of is that with all an all while our world is crumbling apart, we have each other and our faith is even stronger.

Life is too short to complain, life is too precious to disregard all the lovely things that surround us. And so we tell you this: No matter what are your circumstances keep moving forward; regardless of what you are going through have faith, things happen for a reason. And while we may not see the point of it at the moment, not to mention most likely disagree with it, it will pass, nothing last forever.

Our family is our strength, we have always managed to put our family first and we have always been there for one another. While we may not always agree we trust and support our decisions.

Life is too short

Here is one that may come as a shocker for you, while we are grateful that our family is our rock, I will tell you that sometimes “Family” is not necessarily blood relatives, but people that give your support and that you can count on, your community, friends, relatives, etc. Think about it and you will know who we are talking about.

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time (I speak from experience) it’s hard to open up, share personal matters, health issues, finances, or simply vent. However, it is critical that we surround ourselves with people that love us, people that have strong values and believes, people that will not judge but on the contrary will be there when you need them the most.

Remember to live your life, forgive and forget, you are not alone and should not ever feel alone. And most importantly remember to love, love can conquer more that words could ever describe.

Have you ever felt that things can not get worst? and then all of sudden something happens to complicate even more an already complicated situation. If so, what have you done? How have you handles these situations?

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