Schoolwork with Loom Rubber-bands

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I am sure by now most of you have seen over and over some type of bracelets made out of the mini rubber-bands, in reality I will admit that these things have been around for ages. They have become more fancy and now days they have so many patterns, colors and styles.

Our girls enjoy making bracelets and Kira our 6 year old is becoming really good at it. Considering that they like this so much we decided to incorporate the rubber-bands into one of our Math Lesson Plans, using the rubber-bands to make pattersn and group counting.

Rubber bands step1 Rubber bands kid playing

This works great for levels Pre-K to 4 or even 5th grade depending on the interest of the child. Our girls are 3 and 6 so we have to balance our work, however we try to keep the subject and materials the same making this an excellent hands on activity for our home-school.

Kaylee our 3 year old was responsible of separating by colors, making groups of a specific number of rubber-bands, and lastly she had to create different patterns.

Rubber bands 03 Rubber bands 04 Rubber bands 05
While Kira our 6 year old was learning multiplication: She had to work with some of the groups that her sister made. Her task was to determine the total of rubber-bandns within a number of groups that had the same amoung of rubber-bands, we also made a point to play a game of increments that made her better understand the concept of multiplications.

While the girls had no idea that we were doing school work and that it was all part of a lesson plan we accomplished our goals of:
  • Color Grouping
  • Counting
  • Pattern Recognition and Creation
  • Teamwork
  • Introduction to Multiplication
  • Multiplication Concept

We spend a good amount of time “playing” and learning, or I should say “Learning through Play” practicing math, patterns, colors, art, crafts and best of all having a Great time.




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# RE: Mini Rubber-bands and School workRosey 2016-09-14 08:34
That is a fun hands-on way to learn. My son likes to make these with his sister. I never thought to use them as a learning tool. High five to you!

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