She is 5 Month!!!

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It literally seems like it was just yesterday I had her in my wombs, today Kaylee turns 5 Months.

Every day I thank God for our 2 beautiful Blessings. Kira is happy and proud to be a big sister and she loves her little sister.

5 Months!
Kaylee Saiya.

I can spend hours talking about our baby, but then again I'm sure most parents could do the same, well here is just a little something of our little girl, and of how she is doing as of today:

Weight: She weighing about 15 pounds, chubby chicks and big thighs just like grandma.

Height: She is measuring 24.5 inches, pretty good for 5 months.

Clothing: mostly wears pink :), but on occasions wears blue, yellow, green and any other color that comes along, is currently on size 6 month.

Diapers: Funny thing, with Kira we used Huggies until potty-trained; but with Kaylee we started with Huggies, but switched from one brand to another, so far we have tried a number of them and right now we are currently using the Walgreens brand and they seem fairly good and economical.

What just happen mom?

Sleeping: luckily she is a good sleeper, most nights she sleeps through the night, yet she does complain a little, fortunatlly a small face rub, a bit of patting on her but and she goes right back to sleep.

Accomplishments: she plays by herself in her play-gym; she holds her bottle and drinks her milk all by herself; makes the effort to sit and holding by our fingers she stands up.

Just Kaylee: She is a very happy baby, smiling all the time and very attentive to all her surroundings, likes different sounds and tries to imitate some.

Little ones grow too fast, there is not a moment to spare, enjoy every second as you don't get the same twice.

Happy Month-Day Kaylee and we all look forward as to what the future holds.

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