She is 7 Month!!!

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Kaylee and her big Sister

Yesterday was a special day for us, it was her birth-month / monthday, not sure what would be the proper wording for it; but yes, our baby Kaylee is now officially 7 month old and she is every day more adorable then the day before. She is a loving little sweetie pie.

Not a moment goes by that We don't thank the Lord for our amazing Family. Kira and Kaylee have been a blessing to Chris and myself, and bring out the best in both of us.

7 Months!
Kaylee Saiya.

Here we are sharing some details about her development and a little of what she has been up to:

Weight: She is weighing about 16 pounds, still with her chubby chicks and big thighs.

Height: She is measuring 26 inches long.

Head: Her head is 17 inches in circumference.

Clothing: She is still mostly wearing pink :), yellow does look good on her. Using size 6 - 9 month.

Diapers: Fluctuating between cloth diapers, Luvs and Walgreens brand, uses an average of 4 to 5 diapers a day, and we have started to take her to sit on the toilet.

Kaylee at 7 Months

Sleeping / Naps: Unfortunately her naps have become very irregular, the only one that has remained the same as far as for time is the morning one at about 10:00am but has shorten it, now just taking about a 30 minutes long nap; the afternoon nap varies in time so much some times she sleeps at 1:30 (anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes) other days is later; at night sometimes she takes a small nap at about 6:30pm (not often these days). She goes to bed between 8:00 and 8:30pm and does sleep until 7:30am.

Accomplishments: She holds on to everything and stands up, started baby steps while holding, she recognizes mom, dad, and her sister.

Just Kaylee: Happy, likes to jump, wakes up and stands in her crib facing the door like asking for us to go get her, crawls to the kitchen following mommy and most important she recognizes the sound of the shaking bottle.

Nothing like the Joy of being a parent!!!

Happy Month-Day Kaylee
Much love to you from Mommy, Daddy and Kira...

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