Little Feets in the Sand

Written by Crafty Spices
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Little Feet in the Sand

Little ones are always curious and happy to learn , see or feel new things. Kaylee is definitely no exception to this rule, she is always alert and it's always fun to see her when she discovers something new.

This time she found Sand and could not stop the excitement.

Kaylee had fun in the Sand!

It was fun to see our little Kaylee wiggling her toes in the sand, her first reaction was awesome, I wish we could have gotten her on video, her face was like: "what in the world is this?" then she started to wiggle her toes and she smiled. She wanted to walk, she wanted to jump, it just felt good the way it was.

Wiggly Toes
Kaylee about to go to Sleep

Smiley face, happy face
curious eyes, wiggly toes,
and little feet in the sand it was.

She smiled and she played, we all had a great time.
Little feet, tinny toes
we all had fun in the sand.

And after happy time, play time, and eating nap time it was.
She is wide awake but it was not long after when her pretty eyes said "No more"
Shower time for the rest and good by to the sand it was.

Author: Jay
"Friend, companion, wife, and modern mom to 2 beautiful baby girls. Loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors, likes to cook and bake, enjoys doing crafty things and spending time with her family.

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Crystal Green
0 # Blog OwnerCrystal Green 2013-05-12 03:08
This is so cute to see. :) Glad she had fun in the sand.
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0 # RE: Little Feets in the SandMishael 2013-05-13 08:40
That is my niece. Alsways wanting to experience new things. Keep it up you will do great in this world. Love you a lot.
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