Time and little ones

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Kira and Kaylee!

As a mom I know our kids will always be our little babies, no matter how old they get. Fortunately our 2 little Girls are still little. But how little are they, or how fast are they growing that is another story.

Have you figured out time?
Time and Our Girls

Time is of the essence...
To start I just can't stop looking at Kira, our 3 year old and see how much she has grown and how much she knows, each time she corrects me (Oh yes she does) for example: if I say yea she tells me "mommy you should say yes not yea" and that is probably the simplest one, imagine we are eating and I say something, she tells me that I should not talk with my mouth full, the list goes on and on. Ones she starts school I can see her teacher calling me because she is telling her how to do this or that...

Then there is our little Kaylee:
Our little baby and yet not so little anymore,
she has been cruising for almost 2 months now. Since she was born we would go for long walks, our good Friend Monika gave us this amazing stroller where she would play, enjoy the ride and eventually fall asleep. Last week we decided it was time to bench the stroller as she has learned to stand up while in it.

Kaylee in her stroller

It was fun while it lasted, but now Kaylee is starting another chapter in her life and the most important thing is to keep our little ones as safe as we can. Only then we will be able to see and experience the advantures of Kaylee and Kira.

Kaylee is looking.
Kaylee standing in her stroller

Is it perception of time or is it something that as you get older time get's another meaning. Or has time really changed and is not what it use to be.

Kaylee is growing so fast.
Kaylee standing in her stroller

I guess only time can say and we shall never really know what time really is. Oh well, it's time to go to sleep.

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