She is 10 Month!!!

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Happy Kaylee

Our little baby Kaylee is now 10 months old, time seems to be flying by. I just can't believe it, soon she will be a year old and Kira will be turning 4 oh my.

Baby Girl happy month-day to you, don't let us miss a second because it will be to much to miss.

Thank you God!!
For you have given us the best gifts that we could have ever asked for, our 2 lovely Girls complement and complet our existance.
We love you both!!

10 Months old!
Kaylee Saiya speaking:

Here are some of my stats, not that I'm an item or something like that, it's kind of like part of my doctors records, accomplishments or... well I think you get the idea right.

My Weight: I'm a bit chubby while still keeping in the line, I am just 17 lbs and 6 oz.

My Height: I'm getting big, already I'm 28.5 inches tall.

My Head: My head is 18 inches in circumference.

Clothing: I love to dress up, well my mommy got me into that very early on. I like many colors and I have been told that I look very good in my little black dress. :)

Diapers: Yes I'm still on diapers, my mom want's me out of them like yesterday but it's not easy to say "Potty" but I'm trying. For now I'm using diapers number 4 and change brands every now and then.

Kaylee almost 10 Months

Sleeping / Naps: This is a very interesting subject as I really don't like to take naps, it's not that bad, come on I sleep from 8pm to 8am humm, sometimes I get up 15 or 20 minutes before 8 but I would say that's enough for me, mommy thinks different and tries to make me take at leas 2 naps during the day most of the time I just take one LOL... That's me!!!

Accomplishments: Oh I don't really like to brag... Not sure I can talk much about this subject but I will give it a try. I stand all by myself, I have done number 1 and 2 in the toilet, I say mama and papa, I love to jump up and down, oh that's plenty for now. I'm sure mommy will tell you more very soon.

Eating: Now we are talking, this is my subject for sure I love my milk (check out my video "Where is my Milk"), but that does not stop me from eating everything else and trying to grab everyones food. I enjoy eating fruits, veggies, rice, chicken and pretty much anything that I can reach and mommy doesn't take away from me.

That's all for now, but thank you so much for stopping by to read all about me and my month day. I hope mommy let's me write again soon.

I have to go take a nap.


I'ts nap time for Kaylee!

We Love you Kaylee, your Mommy, Daddy and big Sister Kira...
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