She is 1 year old ( #baby is #1yearold )

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Kaylee and me

I can't believe it's been a year since our little girl was born. Come to think about it so much has happened since then, but one thing we are happy leaving about 1200 miles from where she was born, her big sister is now in school and smarter than ever and we keep trying to live one day at a time.

Happy birthday little girl, you are one of the best things that has happened to us, you have brought to us so much joy, your fast paced, happy face and high pitch voice keeps us moving. We Love you so much Kaylee. Kira is telling me to write that she loves you too.

This is going to be a great day, full with fun things to do, and we will tell you all about it very soon. But now we are going to share some things about Kaylee.

Happy Birthday, you are now 1 Year Old.
Kaylee Saiya:

Facts and accomplishments of our little baby girl.

Weight: Somewhat chubby as always and now at 20 lbs and 7 oz.

Height: She is big!! at 30 inches tall.

Head: Hard head, lol and at 18.6 inches in circumference.

Clothing: Looks good in just about anything :)... In size 9 to 12 months

Diapers: Using fewer every day, since she has learned how to sign potty Hurray. Still many accidents here and there.

Kaylee is one year old

Sleeping / Naps: As always, luckily she sleeps through the night. We are still trying to keep her with at least two naps during the day, but most of the time she ends up fighting one o them. We are definitely not ready to leave her at just one nap.

Accomplishments: It's been now almost 3 weeks since she started walking all on her own. It's so nice to watch her get up on her own and walk towards me, It just makes my day...

Eating: She is definitely a great eater, beside her regular cup of milk and her food, whenever we sit down to eat or she sees us eating something She head towards us asking for us to give her some, and complaining if we don't.

I love getting home and watching her stop whatever she's doing to run towards the door, smile, laugh and hugged me. The joy of being a parent.

This is our little baby Girl.

I'ts nap time for Kaylee!

We promise to share with you all about her First Year Birthday Party...
We Love you Kaylee, your Mommy, Daddy and big Sister Kira.

Happy Birthday!!!

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