Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration

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Our @Home DisneySide Celebration

February was an extremely exciting month for us, a month where we expressed in many different ways our fun and sometimes crazy #DisneySide.

Our girls have enjoyed every step of the way, and we are and will continue to be one of the biggest Disney Fans. Preparing for our DisneySide @Home Celebration has taken our Disney Knowledge to another level, all four of us (our 2 girls, hubs, and I) are now and forever more into Disney than we ever were.

We had the most fun with family and friends sharing all about Disney. It was a magical day full with pixie dust, polkadots, girly pink bows and books, Red Car’s and boy’s fun. We tried to incorporate as many different Disney characters into our celebration so that everyone could pick their favorite spot at our party.

Our Disney Party has now come and gone but not without leaving us with much to talk about and share with all of you. There are so many things that we would love to share with you that if I go into all the details in this post it will take you forever to finish it, if you ever do get to the end. For that reason I will give you a tour and follow up later with details of our stations and different Disney Creations.
We all showed our Disney Side
We all showed our Disney Side!

Our different @Home Disney Stations:
  • A Crafty Disney reading Corner
  • The Crafty Disney HP Photo Booth
  • The Spicy Snack Bar
  • The Boy’s and Cake Round Table
  • Cars Beverage Lane
  • The Girly girl Side to Side
  • Center table goodies and yummy for all.
  • Hidden Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • The Girls wonder - (Kira’s Room)
Some of our Disney Creations:
  • Minnie’s Head Band holder - Recycle
  • Mickey’s Candy Favor box - Recycle
  • Mickey’s Book Marker - Craft
  • Mickey’s Favor container - Upcycle
  • Watermelon and Cantaloupe Mickey Popsicles
  • Oreo Mickey’s Cookies snacks
  • M & M Mickey goodies
  • Mickey Mouse Club Goodness
  • Mickey Mouse Sandwiches

Below is a pick into our girly girls side to side, and Cinderella Castle that could not stay out of the party. Also check out Mickey and Minnie in front of the TV, while Simba looks at everyone from the top of the TV as if he was in his very own Rock.
The Girly girl Side to Side
The Girly girl Side to Side.
Cinderella's Castle and Extra Decor
Cinderella's Castle and Extra Decor

And what is a party without a cake?? So here is our DisneySide @Home Celebration Cake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Party Cake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Cake!

Adults and Kids were happy to embraced the DisneySide and the child within us. We all had so much fun with Mickey, Minnie and Friends via toy’s print outs and so much more. We had a blast with the Trivia questions, and I’m the first to admit that I ended up learning a thing or two.

Our little Kaylee showing her DisneySide acting out as a total Minnie Mouse Diva.
Our very own little Minnie Diva
Kaylee is a Minnie Mouse Diva!
Kaylee showing her DisneySide
Kaylee showing her DisneySide

From the youngest to the oldest our appetite was wide open and we ended up eating so much food, snacks and sweets, way more than what we should, luckily it was all good, probably millions of calories that we will have to burn later, but it was all in the name of having fun between Family, Friends and our DisneySide
Kaylee eating Mickey Mouse Sandwiches
Kaylee eating Mickey Sandwich
It all tasted Disney delicious!!
Sharing some yummy snacks
Let's eat some DisneySide goodies
Let's eat some DisneySide goodies

We even enjoyed and had so much fun dressing up with the kids and showing our DisneySide in more than one way:

Just having Fun showing my DisneySide
Just Playing along!
Kira showing more of her DisneySide
Kira showing more of her DisneySide

 I am also a Princess!
I am also a Princess!

While we ended up with tons of pictures there is just so much I can put in a post without you thinking I going crazy or it looking to crowded. We will be showcasing pictures from our HP Photo booth at our Wordless Wednesday this upcoming week.

You can find more fun ideas, recipes and tips at the DisneySide and DisneySideCelebrations site; also other great sites to visit are Spoonful and Babble

Stay tuned for more of our DisneySide Fun ideas.


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