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Mandala the Yoga Massage Ball

Most days I end up with sore muscles, resulting in pain or tender spots. Whether it’s in my back, shoulders, or have some type of tenderness in my arms (suffer from tendinitis), most of the time I have something hurting. I have just learned to live with the pain and keep going with my life. Not to say that ones in a while if I can get a good massage or any other way to relive some of the tension, it’s a great feeling.

On occasions I’ve used tennis balls to try and help, and while they do an OK job, they tend to give up and collapse after applying some well needed pressure. So I actually end up getting half the massage in double the time that it should or could be getting.

I was not searching for massage balls, but as soon as I read the following statement "Mandala Massage Balls help you eliminate muscle knots and tension through gentle massage using one’s own body weight. Simply place the balls in tight areas and let gravity take over.” I thought to myself “this is exactly what I need”. I was very happy when I receive my review sample, soon after I was a bit disappointed that they did not bring tips as to the best ways of usage.

Anyway, I contacted the company and they were very helpful, and did tell me that they will soon be posting tips and tricks on their website.

The main thing that they told me, was that regardless of the location where I use them when I find a “sweet spot” I should allow the balls to stay there for 2-3 minutes!!! allowing the fascia and connective tissue to really open up. Since my mayor problems are my shoulders/neck area (towards the back) this meant laying down on the Mandala balls, on the floor facing up, letting my body weight sink into the balls. Ones I find the pressure point I do not move for a few minutes, and I can feel how it starts working.

Mandala the Yoga Massage Ball

I love that the Mandala ball are a self-healing tool and that they don’t give in as the tennis balls do. The are great for massaging feet even as we work (just put them on the floor and roll away).

Pros: Roll easily on the skin or clothing, withstand body weight without collapsing, perfect for self-massaging or self-healing

Cons: No "how to's" included, they are a bit pricy for balls.

Our final thoughts: Excellent product, a bit expensive but does what it’s meant to do, providing great satisfaction. I recommend this product.

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Mandala The Yoga Massage Ball is a company based out of Portland, Oregon USA. Making a difference in the way we take care of ourselves

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