Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Gloves #Review #kuisiware

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 Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Gloves in the box #kuisiware

I spend many hours at close proximity of high heat and open flames, specially after moving and now being able to enjoy the nice whether almost year around, grilling and baking are on the top of the list. So I was very happy to be able to review these “Super Gloves” as they make big promises and the comments that I have heard are very good.

The reality is that there are so many similar product on the market that we have to question if one works better than the other, or if they are all the same thing. I myself have seen and used a number of similar gloves and while I have used them quite a bit I have been somewhat disappointed with most of them, I was looking forward to trying these but I did not have high hopes.

After reading the main features I was even more excited about trying them, these are there promises:
  • Designed to protect your hands from fire and extreme heat up to 662F (350C).
  • Created from Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid fibers (similar to Kevlar® and Nomex®), these cooking gloves will fully protect your hands from burning while cooking, baking, grilling, handling hot pots and pans or hot smoker & oven racks
  • They offer firm grip and improved dexterity thanks to the silicone texture on both sides of the grill gloves & the five fingers design
  • Very durable and light weight
  • Very easy to clean, washing machine safe
  • One size fits all
  • Very comfortable thanks to the 100% cotton lining

And this is what we have to say:
As for Comfort: The gloves take a bit to get use to, they also have some probably over exaggerated red strips that may not be so appealing to the eye but I have to admit that they are more than decoration strips they help hold in place whatever we hold and ovoid things from slipping and falling.

Safety: We love to be able to put these gloves and hold with our hands the hot pans directly form the oven, or a cast iron skillet, or being safe and wearing them to flip burgers on the grill. While I have put them to the test, more often that I would like to admit, I will not go as far as to test them with the extreme heat that they are suppose to protect our hands from “up to 662F". I do have to say I have tried another brand before and I could feel the heat almost immediately, but with these I don’t, and this makes me feel more confident that they are of much better quality.

 Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Gloves #kuisiware

As of today I have used these heat resistant gloves many times and I am very pleased to say that they have kept my hands and fingers cool and burn free, holding hot pan one after another and while grilling outside.

Purchasing Information

The "Super Glove" or "Heat Resistant Grill & Oven Gloves" are available at Amazon.com Buy them today and experience them for yourself.

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