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Crafty Air

Not that we have to take it literally, yet a few days under the weather can put some of us at the edge, luckily most of the time it does not last long.

Weather these days is a very popular subject but this is not the topic of the day, plus I prefer to leave that to the weather guy, maybe they will get it right.

Here and there, and everywhere!

This past week Crafty Spices took a few days off or slow I'd rather say, by now we owe you at least a recipe, our Follow Who? Social, updates and not to mention a few visits. So here is where we are at.

Our long trip has come to an end, visiting grandparents can be much fun; for some people it is a weekly or monthly trip; but some of us have our family in a different country and it takes some time and money to plan a trip and then get there. After getting there it can be very gratifying, sometimes frustrating yet much fun and many memories formed.

It was indeed a long and lasting trip and great for us and specially the girls, now that we are finally back to the US, the rush is back and the hunting resumed, I mean back to apartment hunting which can be very overwhelming.
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# Katherines CornerKatherine 2013-02-18 10:25
happy you are back. Sorry I'm late getting here...thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo

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