Rice Noodles Stir Fry #recipe

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Rice Noodles Stir Fry

This is a new recipe for us, and we certainly are enjoying it. Our friend from China is visiting and she has been teaching us some of their cousin.

We love to try different dishes, now that we have learned how to make this nutritious dish we will be mixing it up with different ingredients at a later time. For now here is the original one that our Friend Kitty showed us how to make.

We found it to be good combination Rice Noodles, veggies, beef, and mushrooms with soy souce and garlic just delicious.

Ready in: 20 - 25 minutes (12 Prep + 8 - 13 Cooking)  |  Serves: 4 - 5  |  Complexity: Easy
  • 8oz Rice noodles
  • 1/2 large Red Pepper
  • 1/2 large Green Pepper
  • 1/2 large Yellow Pepper
  • 1lb beef for stir fry (Cut 1” slices)
  • 1/2 Cup Onions (French Cut)
  • 1/4 Chopped Green onions
  • 3oz of slices Carrots (French Cut)
  • 4oz Slices Champignon Mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup chopped Cilantro
  • 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce (More if desired)
  • 1tbsp Salt to taste + additional to taste
  • 4 to 5 Garlic cloves
  • 5oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) - Divided 3oz, 2oz
  • 1/4 Cup Water
Rice Noodles Stir Fry - Ingredients

Rice Noodles Stir Fry - Rice Noodles in coold water
Rice Noodles Stir Fry - Mushrooms
Rice Noodles Stir Fry - Beef

  1. Soak rice noodles in cold water for 10 minutes, drain and set aside
  2. Meanwhile, pour 2oz EVOO over a large wok and place over medium to high heat
  3. Add Garlic cook until they start turning brown
  4. place beef over garlic and add about 1tbsp of salt over it, cook while string until medium rare, remove from wok and set aside.
  5. Leave beef juices in the wok, add carrots, onions, mushrooms and water, cook for 5 minutes then add peppers and beef that was aside. Stir and continue to cook for about 3 minutes. Remove everything from wok in a large bowl
  6. Pour remaining EVOO (3oz) to wok and add drained rice noodles cook for about 2 minutes then add ingredients that have been previously set aside, add soy sauce, stir for 1 minute then add cilantro cook for 1 additional minute.

Rice Noodles Stir Fry
Rice Noodles Stir Fry
Rice Noodles Stir Fry

Server and enjoy with family and friends
This is it for the Rice Noodles Stir Fry original version

Rice Noodles Stir Fry

Have fun, and Enjoy!!
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