A Homeschooler's May

Written by Crafty Spices
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No it’s not Vacation time just yet and we have not been out partying. Besides our everyday activities and all the unexpected things that have come up lately. As a Homeschool family “May” was a very busy, yet exciting month for us.

First was the planing of our end of Semester for our Co-Op classes. Which I have to say turned out to be pretty Cool. Kids and adults all learning, doing crafts, eating, and most importantly having a great time.

Continuing our tradition we had signed up to volunteer at the Central Florida Home Educators used Curriculum Sale which happen, guess again “in May” I can’t complain it was great.

May 2016

Many homeschoolers look forward to the “FPEA-Florida Parent-Educators Association” Convention it is our understanding that this is the largest Homeschool convention in the entire United States of America.

Against all odds and besides all the other places that we had to be, we managed to attend all of our homeschool events. We have had no time to spare to say the least.

I will be posting a bit about some of these events within a few days.

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Cascia Talbert
# RE: A Homeschooler in MayCascia Talbert 2016-06-14 16:52
Sounds like you had a great time!

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