Saying I Love You

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Saying I Love You to our Children, our girls hugging

Saying I love you is one of the most important things and ways of showing affection that human have, saying it often and at every chance we get is an act unlike any other.

Saying it and showing it are two different things, both are very important in the development of a child. It is particularly important that parents understand that the best way to teach a child something is using multi-sensory teaching skills. Love being no exception to this rule, regardless if you have set yourself to teach your child something or not, they are learning from you, every second of the day that they are with you.

At this point you may be wondering... Are we talking about Love or about learning?, well the reality is that we learn to love, all in very different ways, and the main way of teaching how to love is by loving and caring for others. We should not expect our children to love and take care of one another if we have never told them how much we love them, if they see you arguing or carless with others, that is what they are learning to do and whom they will most likely be for a very long time.

Taking every chance we get to remind our love ones, how much we love them is not only important, but it’s healthy for both for you and the person hearing you say it, making it meaningful, caring and becoming aware of their situation is also a way of showing love. Something that may not seem very important to you may mean the world for someone else.

Saying I Love You to our Children, our girls having Fun
Sisters and Best Frieds for Ever!

I don’t want to sound tacky but LOVE is more than a word or 4 letters, we do learn at a very early age the difference between good and bad, we all like good and for so we like to be loved and need that reassurance that we are indeed loved.

What is life if you can’t make your loved ones happy?
As a parent our main goal is to make our children as happy as we can, and may God help us be always there for our Girls. Help them learn to surpass the challenges that life gives us, and be their support in any and every way they need us to be.

Real love is that one that comes from the heart and ask for nothing in return. Love unconditionally and your life will look brighter regardless of your wealth.

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# RE: Saying I Love YouMishael 2014-05-27 01:53
We miss you and love you guys a lot...
# RE: Saying I Love YouRosey 2014-05-27 10:23
This is a wonderful post!! Telling and showing love to our children benefits them, us, and so many others, and not just in the minute, but for a lifetime!

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