• Frozen Inspired Wreath, how to Tutorial #DisneySide

    Frozen Inspired Wreath

    It's a Princess @Home #DisneySide Celebrations!!

    Being a Disney Family and having two little girls means there is a Princess here, another one there and some more on the other side. The best of all is that we are Ok with that and besides all having fun we make playtime as much as learning time as we can.

    As you can probably imagine, these days Ana and Elsa are number one on the hit parade, and I am amazed how we have gotten to love them so much.

  • It was a #DisneySide Celebration

    A DisneySide @Home Celebration

    It was a Success!!

    If you have little girls, most likely they talk about princess, and you probably have either already gone thru the Frozen/Elsa fever, or are still undergoing it. Our girls have been at it for some time now and still can’t get enough.