This is a simple 3 size heart craft that got us going for “Learning time” this week. The girls had a great time, we spend time together and most importantly they were actually learning as they created something for someone special.

For each Caterpillar you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper (your choice of colors, we used beige, pink, and purple)

Getting Ready:

  • Using the scissors cut out of the construction paper the following pieces, if your kids are old enough to handle a scissor they can help.
  • 1 Medium - Large heart (Head) - We used beige
  • 6 Medium hearts (Body - we used 3 colors and made 2 of each). You can use as many as you wish and one or multiple colors.
  • 6 “L” shape legs or as many hearts you used for the body (Black)
  • 2 Small hearts for the antennas (we use Pink)
  • 2 Small slim and long rectangles to attache the antennas (we use black)

Valentines Caterpillar Fun Kids Craft - Learning TimeMolly's Suds Laundry Powder

Assembling and more Learning Time.
    After all the pieces are cut, now the assembling and as we build our Caterpillars we have the little ones do the following:
  • Count the amount of pieces
  • Separate the pieces by color and size
  • Divide by the amount of pieces to be used for each Caterpillar
  • Make patterns with the different colors (you can see in our 2 examples the patters are different)

No two minds think the same way, so if your child would comes up with something different sometimes is good to go with the flow, you never know with what they will come up.

Glue the pieces together as per our example, then draw a happy or silly face. After the Caterpillar is done you may spell the name of the child writing one letter on each heart of the body, you can write numbers, draw shapes or just leave them in blank showing off the color of the construction paper.

Valentines Caterpillar Fun Kids Craft - Learning Time
There are many ways that we can incorporate learning in every activity that we do with our children. Take advantage of each moment, times goes away fast.

Hope you have enjoyed this fun Valentines crafts for kids

{xtypo_sticky}Disclosure: This is not an original design, but a recreation of a previously seen project. All educational information, tips and teaching/learning idea are my own and are indeed things that we have done and continue to practice with our children. {/xtypo_sticky}
Lovely harts,Greeting from Belgium ,have a happy weekend Valentine 's Day.