Records indicate that its been used for over 5,000 years, and it's still an essential spice to have in our kitchens.

It has amassing natural Properties; for instance just by boiling some cinnamon sticks, not only you get a great smelling house but it's also known to boost brain activity. You can always go fancier and buy cinnamon essential oils and use it for aroma therapy.

It's very good for the digestive system.
It can acts as a disinfectant, analgesic and even as a natural antibiotic specially when having throat infections and/or toothache.

Crafty Tip:
Would like to add cinnamon to a recipe? don't do it at the beginning as it can become bitter. Wait and add later, closer to the end.


RE: What I like about Cinnamon.
I love cinnamon & just added some to a jam recipe. It turned out so good. Visiting from a blog hop. I hope you can drop by. Have a great weekend.