If you think about it, even each and every one of us can every day learn something new about ourselves, give it a try and you could discover things that you had not thought about.

Ok, I will stop it and let you go and read this week's questions and most important our answers.

Getting to know each other better!
1. If you could switch blogs with another blogger, who would it be and why?
    I enjoy reading many blogs and I have created many relationships, yet I really don't see myself writing any were else but right here, as much as I like other blogs I would not be able to switch with any. Crafty Spices is like my 3erd baby and just like our kids how could I just swap it, I'm enjoying ever step of the way, and watching it grow is an every day joy for me.
2. What is/are your favorite bloghop(s)?
    Should I say the Follow Who? Social Weekend - LOL... No, I won't do that.
    In reality I have come to love Wordless Wednesdays, hoping from blog to blog enjoying lovely pictures. There are many bloggers who host this hop and we love to go and link to them.
3. What is the best thing that blogging has taught you?
    That we can create good connection/relationships no matter were in the world we are. It reminded me that we can help other even if we have not meet them, it has also reminded me to live life and enjoy every second, putting thing in writhing makes you really think about what what is important.
4. If you could turn back time, what would you change about your life?
    I would change the timing of the purchase of our First house, unfortunately it was right before the economy tanked and prices just dropped, and dropped and while they are not still droping, the economy has yet to recover.
5. Recommend 5 wonderful movies worth watching. Why do you love these movies?
    Oh my... Should I go modern or stick to the old fashion??
    While not a very recent movie, not that old either "The Matrix" I remember the release of the first one, I think I ended up watching it like 6 times; then I would say "The Lord of the Rings" all of them.
Maybe not very explicit this week, but this is me, some days I'm all very talking, others well... You get the idea.
We would love for you to participate!
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RE: Five Among Friends 5
Oh loved your answers Jay, especially comparing your blog to your kids!! :)