"Lime" could you guess what we are featuring today?

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Lime is one of my favorite cleaning ingredients and I have some tips for you today.
"Microwave Oven Cleaning Tips"

Most people these days have a Microwave Oven, and a large percentage use it on a daily bases, yet it's not daily that it gets clean. For this reason Microwaves sometimes can be challenging to clean.

I try to use the least harsh chemicals in our house, specially in the kitchen, yet keeping in mind that is probably the most cleaned and disinfected rooms of our house.

Here are a few easy tips for cleaning your microwave oven without chemicals:

Run the microwave oven on high for 3 minutes with a bowl of water and a slice of lemon in it. Let it cool down a bit as it will be very hot then use a wet cloth (I like to use the same water, just remember it is hot) and wipe all the interior. The heated water will have loosened the nasty stuff so it will all come right off. The lemon will give a fresh scent.

Another way to clean you microwave oven is using a kitchen cloth or small towel; soak the towel with water and a few drops of vinegar or lime, run the microwave on high for 5 minutes, let it sit for about 8 minutes and use the same towel to wipe clean all the interior.

Who said cleaning had to take long or be stressful.

At the End of the Day
Great cleaning tip. I hadn't tried the lemon yet but do microwave vinegar to loosen the gunk then wipe clean.