Thank you God!!
For you have given us the best gifts that we could have ever asked for, our 2 lovely Girls complement and complet our existance.
We love you both!!

10 Months old!
Kaylee Saiya speaking:

Here are some of my stats, not that I'm an item or something like that, it's kind of like part of my doctors records, accomplishments or... well I think you get the idea right.

My Weight: I'm a bit chubby while still keeping in the line, I am just 17 lbs and 6 oz.

My Height: I'm getting big, already I'm 28.5 inches tall.

My Head: My head is 18 inches in circumference.

Clothing: I love to dress up, well my mommy got me into that very early on. I like many colors and I have been told that I look very good in my little black dress. :)

Diapers: Yes I'm still on diapers, my mom want's me out of them like yesterday but it's not easy to say "Potty" but I'm trying. For now I'm using diapers number 4 and change brands every now and then.

Kaylee almost 10 Months

Sleeping / Naps: This is a very interesting subject as I really don't like to take naps, it's not that bad, come on I sleep from 8pm to 8am humm, sometimes I get up 15 or 20 minutes before 8 but I would say that's enough for me, mommy thinks different and tries to make me take at leas 2 naps during the day most of the time I just take one LOL... That's me!!!

Accomplishments: Oh I don't really like to brag... Not sure I can talk much about this subject but I will give it a try. I stand all by myself, I have done number 1 and 2 in the toilet, I say mama and papa, I love to jump up and down, oh that's plenty for now. I'm sure mommy will tell you more very soon.

Eating: Now we are talking, this is my subject for sure I love my milk (check out my video "Where is my Milk"), but that does not stop me from eating everything else and trying to grab everyones food. I enjoy eating fruits, veggies, rice, chicken and pretty much anything that I can reach and mommy doesn't take away from me.

That's all for now, but thank you so much for stopping by to read all about me and my month day. I hope mommy let's me write again soon.

I have to go take a nap.


I'ts nap time for Kaylee!

We Love you Kaylee, your Mommy, Daddy and big Sister Kira...
RE: She is 10 Month!!!
Tell more, tell more… Love you and slow down you are getting too big too fast. Hope to share some moment in the future. Love you all…
Stephanie Person Rockin Mompreneur
Oh my gosh what a cutie!! I love the picture of her sleeping. My daughter is 8 months and it totally has flown by! XOXO