Pretending to be a Disney Princess is a favorite in our house, it really does not matter if we are talking about the traditional and well known Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Bell, the Modern Elsa from Frozen or the smart little Sofia the First they are right there ready to enact the scene.

We were sent a box with so many Disney goodies, it is our DisneySide @Home celebration kit and we have been sorting and planning ever since we received it.

@Home Disney Side Celebration Kit

The girls are so very excited, but I am not sure who is more if them or myself. We have decided to have an all Disney Princesses theme party. That being said, we are preparing arts and crafts from a few different movies. What we are not sure is if we will end up with different areas or we will blend them all together, what do you think?, who knows maybe we will end up with more than one Disney Celebration.

@Disney Side Celebration Palace Pets
@Disney Side Celebration items

Oh and I think that we may have agreed that Minnie Mouse has earned a spot among the Disney Princesses, so we probably will be including her in our celebration as well, how does that sound?

Anyway stay tune for all our party planning and different DisneySide ideas

It’s always a pleasure to participate in these event’s, specially since we love Disney and all things Disney-related. stay-tune for more ideas, crafts and recipes for our @Home Disney Celebration with manny disney fans, Disney Parks and Mom Select...

"How do you like to show your DisneySide?"


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