Naps are important in the development of a child, I would keep nap's until the are 18, lol, ok maybe that's going to far.
But when is it ok to let them go without a nap.
Kira, our 3 year old has been fighting nap-time.

Naptime or what???
Time for a Nap.

Some friends tell us that We should just let her go without nap-time, but as much as she is growing I still think naps are good, healthy kids sleep much.


The days that she does not take a nap her hyperactivity goes sky high and tends to drive us crazy. Not to mention that nap-time is not only a break for her, but it also give us time to do things than other wise we would not do.

Now day's or I should say most days I have opted to give her a choice: Nap time or Quiet time; so if she does not want to go to sleep, I'm not going to go all crazy about it, but she should then stay in her room, sometimes I let her play as long as she is not being loud and remains in her room for the duration of her typical nap.

Quiet-time does not take away how hyper she gets a few hours later but it dose give us both some time. As her nap-time/quiet time comes to an end we always hug, snuggle and make a big deal our of it. I always tell her she is my little girl and that I love her very much…

At what age did your kids stop taking naps?

Crafty Spices - To old for a nap?
It's not easy when they start to Not take naps, unfortunately it does happen and then we have to deal with the fact that there is no nap time and no self mommy time