Today we are celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, let’s commemorate him by being kind to to one another. Doing something for a stranger can go a long way for that person, and may mean much more that what you can imagine.

Kira with the Easter Bunny 2014

As for our family, let’s hug does close to us and tell them how much we love them. Let’s keep close to our heart does that for one reason or another can not be with us.

Kaylee Egg hunting, Easter 2014

For does of you that are not familiar with our traditions: today Easter Sunday marks the end of Lent, that started on Ash Wednesday giving us a total of 40 days of spirituality, fasting and repentance preparing us for this day.

This Easter, we celebrate His life and know that because of Him everything is possible. And yes as we celebrate this day we are also enjoying some well deserve outside time with the Family and the Easter Bunny…
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Nice pictures, and better yet great words of encouragement for all of us. Hope you had a great Easter.