No, I know it's probably not as simple as "let throw them away" and hey, I'm right there with you, but maybe thinking about it this way will shed some light: recycling can make us feel good and is good for the environment, de-cluttering and getting organized is great, but making cash while doing so is even better, if this sounds interesting here is the good news.

MusicMagpie is a company that will pay you to get does old disks out of your way, and that is not where the good news ends; musicMagpie even pays for the shipping. The entire process is very simple; here are a few ways to approach converting all your disks into Cash $$$:
  • The firs option is using a computer, it's as simple as going to musicMagpie's website typing the bar code of each of your items into the big "Get Value Box" (image below), packing the items, shipping them for free (musicMagpie provides you with the label), then just wait to receive your check in the mail.
    musicMagpie "Get Value Box"
    Oh, but let me not forget to tell you, that they make it even easier, if you don't feel like typing all does numbers into your computer, they have a software that allows you to "Use your Web Cam" (build in or plug in) as a bar code scanner, and again very simple; you turn on your web cam allow the software access, hold the item with the bar code in-front of the camera, the software detects the bar code (just like in any store bar code reader), it will read it and add it to your list adding the corresponding amount to your total, then follow the same steps as you would in the computer.
    Barcode - Get Value

  • The second option is to use a smart phone, musicMagpie has an app both for IPhone and Android that you can download, and use to scan your items, then you would follow the same process as you would in a computer (pack, ship and get your check).

We entered a few of the barcodes of some old DVD's that we had sitting around and you can see below how it shows the value it would give me for each and evey one of them and then, totals the amount. While I only scanned 7 items musicMagpie does requiere a minimun of 10 items and a maximun of 500 items per order.
musicMagpie Order

All items should be in good and working conditions (you are selling them), orders received by musicMagpie go through a quality assessment process where a quality control team checks each item. Everyone selling items to musicMagpie should read their "Selling rules" before sending an order as they have a clear guide as to what they will accept and what not.

MusicMagpie is looking forward to hearing from you, besides their main website ( you can find musicMagpie on Twitter and Facebook,, come check them out.
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