Today we give thanks for there are still great people in the world, people that help others without expecting nothing in return.

I witness this from across the road: an older laddie was walking and not sure how she fell down in the middle of the sidewalk, there was 2 young women farther behind and ran to to lady in the floor to help her up. It seem as if the lady was in pain and she did not want to get up immediately.

I’m not sure as to what they talked about since I was on the other side of a 4 lane road, when I finally was able to get there the lady on the floor was ready to try getting up, so two of us helped her and the other grabbed her purse and a small bag she was caring. We offered to call her doctor or the hospital but she refused and insisted that she only was going near by and that she was OK.

While nothing mayor happen, I was really moved by these 2 very young adults (ladies) that ran to the rescue of this total stranger. I am alway saint that it’s ashamed how the world is loosing it’s humanity and people seem to care only of themselves, every day that I see things like this I am so happy to be proven wrong and see that there are still people out there that do care. And that regardless of knowing someone they will do the right thing and help if the opportunity presents itself.

So today I am saying Thank you to these 2 strangers whom I don’t even know their names but that they reminded me ones again that there is still hope among people.

What are you thankful for today?

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This is a great thing to do!! Giving thanks to a total stranger could go a very long way.
RE: Thankful for a helping hand #Linky
Thank you for you blog! I am so thankful that we have a Savior who loves us so much. even while we walk a very dark valley, the Lord's presence is so real to us. It is hard, but we are being lead each day! Blessings!