Play and Learn with Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island

Play, have fun and learn, all at the same time. Advantages of using Kinetic Sand Float:

  • Promote creativity
  • Can be used by both children and kids
  • Use it to play with water or dry
  • It can have a calming effect for hyperactive kids

  • You can play both indoors and outdoors
  • Messes are easy to clean, even over carpet it will come off by using even more FKS
  • Great to help with motor skills
  • It does not dry out or become hard

Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island

The particular set that our girls have brings: 4 plastic molds (dolphins, seals, turtles and a log), 3 packets of Kinetic Sand Float in different colors, and the island or water tray where all the water play happens.

Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island

Kids love to use materials where they have the ability to create different things with Kinetic Sant Float they not only can achieve creating fun elements but they actually float when placed into the water tray.

Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island

Aside from creating elements using the molds they can play and create there very own elements made simply by molding the Kinetic Sand Float or using other items that they may have at their disposal (plastic spoons, forks, straws, popsicle sticks, etc). Creations are endless and because it does not dry out the Fun never ends. After using it let it air dry the water that it may have, place into a container or plastic bag and bring out next time you want to play.

Kinetic Sand Float Paradise Island

Have you ever used any type of Kinetic Sand? If so, what are some things that you have done?