Yes, life is to shot.
Sooner than you realize you will be looking back and hopefully remembering the good things that you accomplished and not so much the things that you should have done.

Life is also not perfect and needer are humans, keep in mind that you are unique and for that simple reason you will at times disagree with other people including parents, siblings, spouse, children, and/or your best friend. The one thing to remember is: that regardless of the nature of the disagreement you are either family or friends and forgiveness and reconciliation are one of the many gifts that one can have and learn to give.

All this being said, and after a very long day I am very thankful for I have been able to help others open their hearts and forgive does that have hurt them very deeply. It makes me feel good to be able to forgive other but it makes me even happier to been used in such a what that can help other and see how they can see things in a more positive way.

What are you thankful for today?