But have we ever stopped to to think of the million and one plus people that have not been so fortunate to have these things that we use on a daily bases.

People that don’t have shoes for example, people that struggle every day to bring food to their house and for that matter they don’t even think about the fact that they are barefooted.

How many pair of shoes do you have?, how many that you don’t even use? just a little something to think about and maybe it’s time to move some forward and pass them on.

So today I am very thankful for the shoes that my family and I are wearing. I am thankful because we actually have more than one pair and have the choice as to which one we would like to wear each day.

I was motivated to write this post because a few days ago as we volunteered in a thrift store we noticed a man that came in 3 day during a week with sneakers that were tearing apart and had a few holes. Every day we would talk for a few minutes while he tried on other shoes but we could non find one that would fit him, yet finally the third day he found a pair of walking shoes that fit him well and he was so happy. He told us part of his story and how much he was grateful and loved his "new” 4 dollar shoes.

Some people spend over 100 dollar in a pair of shoes, only to wear them ones or twice and not care for them at all. Just like this man there are millions of people that would be so grateful for a simple under 5 dollar shoe.

Thank you, for we have shoes!!!
What are you thankful for today??

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