It was fun to see everything from above and ones we shifted after looking at the ground I was happy to close my eyes and was ready for the ride, letting it go… It was a thrilling and exciting experience, one that I hope do do again soon.

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"Busch Gardens - Tampa, That's me on the left side"
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Nice pictures
Seems you all had fun with this ride.
I am not dare to do a this type of riding,I will keep my eyes closed till everything over... :D
RE: Falcon's Fury Wordless Wednesday Hop120
Wow, looks awesome! You must have had a blast! :)
Happy Wordless Wednesday!
Domain of the Mad Mommy
That is way to scary for me!
RE: Falcon's Fury Wordless Wednesday Hop120
Wow, that's crazy! I wonder how many people get sick after that one. My kids would love it.
RE: Falcon's Fury Wordless Wednesday Hop120
Ha! That does look fun. I like the big rides too. :) Glad you had a good time.
RE: Falcon's Fury Wordless Wednesday Hop120
That looks so scary! And fun! :)

Thank you for hosting!
Ahhhh the summer! I love that ride too. What a thrill that is. It's so cold here it's hard to think about warm weather, but I loved this pic. Thanks for sharing.
haha my husband loved this ride. So thrilling. I couldn't get the courage to do that :(
RE: Falcon's Fury Wordless Wednesday Hop120
I never quite understood why people think that is fun.
Saved by Grace
Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for hosting & God bless!