Kira in an Airplane

We don't get second chances when it comes to age, our little ones will always be our babies in our hearts but the reality is: they grow fast and even dough years can seem like days they are not.

Enjoy every moment.
Always have Fun!

That being said, now that we live in the Sunshine State we try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, long walks, pools, parks and so on... We can't leave out attraction parks, this was the girls first and second visit to an attraction park. While this was both Kira's and Kaylee's first visit, needless to say that Kira was the one that enjoyed it the most.

I was surprised to see how well she cooped with all the rides, she kept asking if she can go on this one or that one, she was not afraid of non, all dough the first time she got on the kiddy coaster her expression was priceless, but the conductor stopped the ride and asked her if she wanted to got out and she said "NO" and kept going, after it was done she told me "mommy that was so cool but I did not like it that much" 2 rides in something else and she wanted to go back the the Kiddy coaster (who understand kids).

The Magic Carpet
The Girls in the Carousel

Amazingly by now we have gone to a number of attraction parks and Kira loves every ride she goes on, you can see us on the pictures to the right with our good friends Monika and like Kira says "Baby Marija" going down the magical slide and in the carousel, this was Kira's second visit and as she got off every ride she would say: "Can we go to another ride" or "Mommy that was so short, it's not fair". It makes me wonder if we are going to have our very own little dare-devil, we are in it for good.

Rides: As a teenager I would love attraction parks and would go onto all rides, now days they had not been on my to-do list for the longest time. But for the fun of it my inner kid has come out and I let it go with the flow. If my daughters are having fun and I have to be funny, silly or get the guts scared out of me, I do it, for me it's just part of being a mom.

Kira & Renan in a Kiddycoaster Kira & Marija in a Firetruck Kira in an Airplane

Expressions: I love watching her face and her different expressions on each ride, the pictures are definitely a great reminder of every second we spend in the park.

With technology as develop as it is it's very easy to get carried away and end up with 300 shots in one single day. We love taking pictures of our little ones and then it makes things so difficult as to select just a few.

We have learned to live life one day at a time and to always have fun.

RE: Attraction park!
Spending time with our loved ones is the best thing in the world. Never change that for anything...