We figured we can buy them another day, and decided to stay for a movie.

She is another smart baby!

Luckily we sat Kaylee in the swing and she was all smiles and very happy to be there, shortly after this is what happen.
No Batteries Required...

That's good news... We can save some cash on batteries.
By the way the 2 power cords that you see on the video have nothing to do with the swing, unfortunately it's only battery powered. I guess that's not entirely correct now since Kaylee can swing it as well :)

Now that's my little Girl!!!

RE: No batteries Required.
Too cute!

Stopping by to say hi from the Ultimate Blog Party!

RE: No batteries Required.
Aw, little sweet baby. :)
RE: No batteries Needed.
She is sooo cute! Stopping by to say hi from UBP13.