Big surprise, or maybe it was all planned, anyway I'm sure you are very excited and with reason. Let me assure you that time does fly, and 9 month will go by very, very quick (except that last moth when you just want the day to come). 

Grow a healthy baby.

As we develop a baby inside, there are many things we should consider doing for the safety and well being of our growing baby and ourselves as well. Probably the most known and mentioned things are: Eat well and Exercise; but how much or how little is good enough.

Now that you are with-child "you are eating for two"!
This is a common statement and a misconception, yes you are with-child (a baby inside) but that does not mean you have to double the amount of food that you eat, as a matter of fact you should be more selective on what you eat, I'm sure you don't want to double your regular weight and after baby is born be left with all that extra pounds and blaming the baby. What you eat directly affects your baby's development, a well balance meal plan is ideal, ok you are not a planner, that's fine just try to balance: fruits, veggies, meats, grains and dairy; also don't forget a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day.

As for Exercise, you may be thinking: well I'm not an exercise person, or maybe you are, well if you are you should have no problem, just keep working out but don't be surprised if you feel tired or exhausted faster than before, and don't over due it, take breaks, if you feel any type of pain stop or reduce the intensity, remember now it's not only you but you and your baby. If you're not used to exercising regularly don't freak out, you don't have to go out of your way; even a simple walking or going up and down the stairs every day helps and counts as exercise (now, that does not sound so hard), if you want to push it up a knot, try using an exercise ball and doing some simple balance and posture exercises.

These are the 2 basic and well known things to do when expecting, yet there are other things that you can do to enforce the good development of you baby.
Go the extra mile for you and your baby.
Baby in your belly.

Going the extra mile, mostly involves making time for you and your baby. If you have the opportunity to get full body pregnancy massage take them as often as you can, if not just a simple massage to your belly every day (you can do it yourself) goes a long way, the affection can easily be transferred to your baby and reinforces a bond; read out loud, baby can hear your voice, feel more secure, you can start creating a reading habit for your baby even before he/she is born, play music to your baby, with my first born I played music with regular head sets, with this pregnancy I started with headsets and then I received a Ritmo Advance Sound System to be reviewed (Check back to read it the upcoming weeks), baby hears the music and he/she tune's in, I was able to feel my little one move almost every time; smile as much as you can, it may sound silly, but your baby can feel your emotions, so be sure to be happy.

This article is based on my own experience and believes, by no means I consider myself an expert in the area, all opinions are entirely my own and have not been tested or proven by professionals.

Safe pregnancy and happy baby to you.
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