As most of you may know we have two daughters (11 months and 3 years of age) since they were as little as 1 or 2 month we have talked to them as they would understand every word that we would say, and while that may not be 100% true they indeed started understanding with in a few months of age.

Some big words in our household are Please, Thank you and Sorry. As we talk to our children, if we ask for something we make sure to say can you please, as they do what we asked them we make emphasis in saying Thank you . Yes, as parents we are the authority, but we are also their roll models, what we do with or to them is what they will learn to do to us and to others.

Encouraging Good habits also goes a long way, the same way that we teach them to brush their teeth every day, it's important for them to learn to organize and cleanup after themselves, not only is this a great practice, but also it would save you much aggravation and cleaning time. Ever since Kira was a little tinny baby we made her bed in front of her, after she became more aware we practice making it with her. Now this is her morning routing: She wakes up with her biological clock between 6:30am and 7:00am goes to the bathroom then washes her hands, comes back to her room makes her bed, put's on her clothing (I leave them out the day before) then comes to our bedroom and knocks on the door to say Good Morning Mommy and Daddy and of course hugs and kisses :).
Kira, our 3 year old making her Bed.
She put the bed cover, the cushions and her froggy to finish it off

Kaylee is our 11 month old baby she now knows how to ask for milk and we are trying to make her say please, and she already says thank you (in her own words) it's more like tequi and she is starting to sign it as well which makes it easier for us to know what is she trying to say.

With this said, don't you ever think your children are to little to learn good manners or good habits, start them early and it will make both your life and theirs much easier in the long run.

Thank you for reading along...