They grow at a speed that we could not imagine before we had children, they absorb way more than what we thing and internally make reference to each and every one of our do’s, acts or gestures. For instance two days ago Kira was reading a book and she licked her finger to change the page, she looked at me and said this is what you do mommy, as to what I had to say and explain that it’s a bad habit of mine and that the next time she sees me doing it, if she could remind me that is not a good thing to do as I’m spreading germs. This is just one of the many things that little ones do notice while we think they are not really paying attention.

Growing at a speed of light... A number of times we found our little Kaylee whom is just 13 months old climbing up the rails of her crib, the mattress is a low as it goes and yet she still manages to push her feet onto the rail, hold on, and clim up. The last time we spotted her she already had one feet on the top portion of the crib so she was almost all the way up. Needless to say, many concerns were raised and we struggled to make the right decisions.

That being said for safety reasons we remove the rails and converted her crib into a toddler bed.

Just Kaylee
OH my, this has turned out to be more difficult this time than with our first doughtier (as for what I remember). We folded 3 bed comforters and placed them in front of her bed just in case she would fall. I have been attached to the baby video monitor, or I should say I have almost permanently attache it to myself, as a matter of fact I’m now typing this and the the Vmonitor is right here facing me.
And now Kaylee get's down on her own.
Kaylee getting down from her bed!

Here is the other part of the story, while the first day was fine, by the second day she had already figured out that she could now go down of her bed without mommy or daddy (we are in trouble now), and it has been a constant battle since then. Now probably base on the feeling of freedom, she is reluctant to take her naps, we put her to bed, she get’s down, we put her again she starts crying and again get’s down, so we lay her down again, guess what, yes… she get’s down again, this added up to a total of 9 consecutive times, by then it was already time for her to eat something and we had to bring her out of her room. Hey she won the battle again.

Not sure what we will end up doing, we certainly can’t put the rail back again; a friend suggested giving her the pacifier but would’t this be moving backwards instead of forward; we gave her a small stuffed animal that she sometimes would sleep with, don’t think this has helped. Only time will tell what will happen.

For now, we will just be taking it one day at a time!
RE: Little Ones, not so little at all
Hi! I found you :) We are struggling with this issue too. Little man only sleeps in his car seat now for naps. I sit by his bed for an hour each night putting him back in his bed till sleep overtakes him. Until then legs are flying in the air as he turns somersaults! By the way, love the blog and I will be coming back to search through the archives.
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I'm so glad you found us... Kaylee does not sleep in the car at all, well she does but it would have to be after the entire day out and about. I really don't remember it being this hard with our first born.
I'm glad you like the blog and do hope to see you around. Let's keep in-touch.
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I almost want to put them back up.
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Tell me about it!
RE: Little Ones, not so little at all
The rails coming off gives them exciting independence that's hard to resist. I remember those days well. :)
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Time flies too fast ... :(