Today as the first day of a new year ends, we hope this year brings much joy and happiness to all, we are pleased and happy to have enjoyed the outdoors with some nice weather.

It's a new beginning!

Tio's Christmas present to Kira was her very first Bicycle. To our surprise look how she did, just the second time that she tried it.
Go Kira...

As Kira rides her Bicycle I can tell that this is the beginning of a fresh start, not only for her… but this means we are in it for good and that things will march as they should. Hard work does not go unseen.

We are working in a very interesting schedule for this year, it's full with family topics, great recipes, many reviews and some awesome giveaways, the first being a Thirty-One Tote on Three Kings Day (Jan 06). Hope you stick around to check them out...

Happy new year my Friends, we wish you the best for 2013.

RE: It's a New Year
Exquisite composition, beautiful portrait, very handsome. Happy 2013.
RE: It's a New Year
Thank's Dianna, we are doing well, as you can see Kira is loving the outdoors. We are still at my brother's, now that that most of the holidays are past we will be looking for apt.
Hope you and yours are all well... :)
RE: Love it
Maybe she did hummm
RE: It's a New Year
So glad things are going well. Was wondering how you and the family were doing in your new home. I look forward to reading much about your new adventures. Keep in touch!
Love it
She is so big and a quick learner, must be something that she got from her Godfather Mishael.
Love you mucho...