Deep within me I've known that she's been ready to start school for some time now, but it's not until the actual first day that we face reality and can confirm one thing or another.

Kira was so excited about her first day of school.
And Away She goes . . .

Preparing your child for the first day of school is very important, it could mean the difference between a happy kid willing to learn and make friends in school and a crying child unwilling to cooperate and ready to learn.

Talking to little ones about school and the envieroment they will be in, explaining that mommy, daddy and siblings will not be with them at school can go a long way in the child accepting school as a new place to learn.

On her way to School for the first time
Breakfast at school

Children are currious by nature, just making an introduction to the word school and explaining a liitle about it would mostlikely open the child to exploration and eventually good acceptance.

We are so proud and happy with our little oldest girl (Kira), she did great her first day of school as a matter of fact she was helping other kids fit in, as if she had already been there before.

Our little oldest Girl is now a big Girl...

Line up!! - Train to go outside

As we arrived Kira was very friendly with everyone, then it was time to go to the cafeteria, you can see her on the picture above enjoying her breakfast as any other day.

She made new friend and was very happy about that, to the right side you can see her in their "Choo choo Train" as they head toward their classroom, aftewards she waived good bye and blowed me a few kisses.

Below are some shots of play-time and naptime also on her first day of school

Kira's First Day of School at play time
Kira's First Day of School at nap-time
RE: First day of School
I wish all children a good school year!
Good luck and success!
Today i'm late.
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RE: First day of School
Oh I love her hair! So cute!! Happy first day of school :)
RE: First day of School
Awe so precious with her pretty hair and Dora backpack! She definitely looked like she had a good first day.
RE: First day of School
What a sweetheart!! Congratulations Mama, you are doing parenting right!