We received the FluNada just in time to put it to the test, I surfer from allergies and have used my fair of nasal sprays just to find out that very few really work. FluNada has been working for me, I love the fact that I can use it for both my nasal congestion and can spray my throat.

FluNada provides relive to cold and flu-like symptoms, exactly what I needed. Nasal congestion and blocked nose, sore throat, cough, and headache were the main and worst things that I had for more than a week before we receive FluNada. Some nasal sprays tend to make my headaches worst so I did hesitate to use it, but when I finally decided to give it a try I thought that it was not going to work, since after spraying both nostrils I notice no difference that’s until about 7 or 8 minutes when I notice I was able to breath via my nose again, I am not kidding.

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We normally prefer traditional home-remedies like the ones our grandparents would make. But we realize that with all the advance in medicine we should not rely only on home remedies, fortunately these days before using medicinal drugs we could try homeopathic remedies professionally done and bottled like FluNada.

The spray is very easy to use, it contains eucalyptol, eucalyptus, mentholum, sambuca, gaultheria all well known homeopathic-remedies. Probably because of the eucalyptus and mentholum it has a somewhat pleasant flavor nothing like medicine it self.

I have found that it works best if I try to get it way back in my throat instead of just spraying from out of the mouth or the tongue. Also spraying the nostrils right after spraying the throat. Recently I also been applying a small amount of Tea tree oil on my nose and between the FluNada and the oil my nose seems to last more time decongested.

We love that FluNada is safe for children ages 4 and up, so when Kira started complaining about her throat and began sneezing again this time we were prepared and had it ready, and after a few doses it was all gone and she was back to normal.

While I had never heard about FluNada, I am so glad to be a part of this campaign and we are officially big fans of this product. Having a natural and safe solution that not only we can use but that we can give to our children is very important to us and makes us feel more confident

The Company and Purchasing Information

"Created by a family physician, FluNada Cold & Flu Relief is a throat and nasal spray designed to keep families healthy through the use of safe and natural ingredients. Provide the ultimate symptom relief for your whole family. Developed, tested, and manufactured in the USA"

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