Enjoying arts, crafts and food has been a part of our day to day for many years now. Crafty Spices comes to be as a way of sharing some of the interesting things that we do.

I have been a crafter since I was about 9 years old, I would come up with projects and interesting things to do and have fun with. But recently a friend said to me "you are so crafty" and she was not talking about arts and craft but to the fact that I was doing what I needed to do to get by, and I was trying to enjoy every step of the way.

I do beat up myself when things don't get done, but life is not always fare, and we have to try to make the best of whatever is presented to us.

Throughout Crafty Spices, I will be sharing tips and trick from our day to day life, things that we do, things that happen, and things to make life somewhat easier and enjoyable.

I enjoy cooking, and I'm always changing existing recipes, but I have to admit that some days I don't have much time or am to tired to spend much time in the kitchen; so I will be including some recipes, re-invented mom's and grandma's recipes so that we can enjoy them as well.

Thank you, and enjoy!