We did not realized that times goes by so quickly, and that my continuously growing belly is not because I'm eating to much, but a sign that baby will soon be here.

Another Baby Girl!
The Ultrasound

It doesn't matter if it's your first or your second baby, when it comes to the ultrasound it's so exciting to see your baby moving before being born. This time we even had the joy of taking our first born (Kira) to see the baby, she is so thrilled about becoming a big sister.

We talk about baby all the time, and I'm sure this is part of the reason that Kira is so excited, she keeps saying that she will teach baby how to go potty (poor baby), the alphabet, numbers and many other things, could you imagine.

Is She Praying Already.

Baby is one of our main topics of conversation these days, but not really gotten into the subject about baby names, we just did not think much about it. But now we are at the point that if we don't pick a name fast, people will soon be calling our baby girl "Baby Mejia", nothing wrong with that, but I would prefer to have a name to call her as soon as she is born.

Now that we know that it's a girl I think I would love to select a name that starts with a K, so that I can have my "2 k's", the hard part is that we would like her name to be simple, easy to pronouns both in English and in Spanish, and one that would not be the cause for bullying or laughter.

Baby Mejia, it's a Girl!
Our 2 Baby Girls, Kira and ?

This being said, you should imagine by now that we are struggling with selecting a name for our baby girl, if you have a names that you like and don't mind sharing with us, please go ahead and tell us, all suggestions are welcome.
How did you select your children names? and do you know the meaning of them?.

Big A Little a
Congratulations! Thanks for linking this to the Mommy Brain Mixer!!
baby name
I would like my niece to be named Kaira, It is Greek for Right. Or Kailani in Hawaiian it's sea and sky...You got to love it.
RE: The Challenge of Selecting a Name
Every girl needs a sister!
RE: The Challenge of Selecting a Name
Hey Jahira, What about Karina? Means "Pure"
The Challenge of selecting a name.
Baby names are SO hard! I have about 8 more weeks to go and we still don't have a name nailed down. We already have a girl and a boy and used up our first choices. :sigh: