I want to share with you, our potty training experience. Many people told me "you are crazy", and I will admit, maybe a little, but, aren't we all...

First off the bat, I should say that I was not prepared for potty training, this was not something I planned or had thought about when it happen, it just happen at the moment and I went with the flow.

Hard work and great reword
Age is not the issue

Many people ask, at what age to start potty training? Well our daughter was not even six months old the first time I took her to the toilet (yes, a regular toilet, not a potty training toilet, or a small seat, the regular type of toilet that you and I use), for whatever reason I notice or got the feeling that she had to go, so I said to my husband "I'm taking her to the toilet", I picked her up and sat her on the toilet (holding her of course), and yes indeed that was the first time ever she went potty, I was so excited. And so our journey began!

Potty Trainning Travel Seat.

After that day, we tried to watch closely every expression she made, and started a routine. We received as a gift the portable toilet top (seen in the picture above) and it was great, especially for public places. I won't say it was easy having to let go of whatever I was doing to go and sit her on the toilet and wait for a couple of minutes (sometimes more), and then celebrate her doing. But I will say: at 12 months our daughter was fully potty trained, proud Mommy and Daddy's accomplishment. Not to mention I haven't done the math of all the money we've saved not having to buy diapers or washing cloth ones.

Kira is now two years old (31 months old), we often are still asked if she is potty trained (mostly at public swimming pools), I'm so proud each time that I respond "Yes she is".

So I guess I will end our story by saying: If you have a gut feeling, just go with it; and it might just payoff.
Share with us your potty training experience. Do you think age is something to be considered when starting to potty train?

RE: Potty Training
That's awesome! I wish I had started potty training my son earlier, but I was deterred by the people calling me crazy. He started going in the potty shortly after his first birthday, but I didn't make any effort. I was waiting for the signs of readiness that you read about in all the parenting books and articles. I finally took the leap a couple months ago and it's going really well, but I think I could have been done a lot sooner if I had trusted myself. Hopefully I'll have more guts with my daughter.
RE: Potty Training
That truly is awesome! My boys didn't get trained till they were 3! :P
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RE: Potty Training
That is so awesome! Yay for your intuition! I've waited until 2 with both of my kids and it's worked for us but it always amazes me when moms and kids do it early. I love it!