Sleeping or playing, but always telling Mommy and Daddy.

Kira was suppose to be sleeping "sure", when she decided to get out of her bed and her little hands got into the basket of her hair pins (sorry don’t know what else to call them) and started playing with them, no harm done right; well that’s until she decided for whatever reason to put one similar to the green one in the picture above, up her nostril, sure enough she was not able to take it back out, luckily she came to Mommy and Daddy and told us what happen. She was acting fine and nothing seem to really hurt or bother her but we trusted in what she was telling us, and looked up her noose; because she had already tried to get it out, it was so far inside that I did not see it at first, but then we got a flashlight and looked again we spotted what looked like something bluish, without telling her We had seen something, we asked her what color was the clip she inserted, and she said “I think it was purple”, close enough for me.

As we got my eyebrow pliers to try to get it out, she cough and gagged a little and then stopped, not much but enough to get us thinking that we should take her to the ER, I was still going to try to take it out but I could not see it anymore.
Our Experience with Kira in the ER of Edward Hospital.
Kira in the ER - 07/14/2012

We had never been to Edward Hospital ER but the buildings are very well marked with signs that we had no problem getting exactly where we needed to go. As we go inside the receptionist was very polite, she asked what happen and we explain. She input the info in the systems, put a wristband to Kira and there was already someone waiting to take us to a patient room. I appreciated that not only there was no waiting time there but there was no rush to get insurance or payment information from us.

Edward Hospital has a separate secure emergency area for babies, toddlers and kids (kids friendly and decor appropriate), it gave us a very good impression as we walked in.
They took us to the patient room and it was just about 5 minutes until Dr Stephen and Nurse: Thomas came, introduced themselves and got right to work, even with the hospital equipment they did not see anything so the Doc. ordered Ex-rays. We waited a few minutes and a man came and talked to us in reference to ID's and Insurance and then a technician came to get us for the Ex-rays, I stayed in the room to avoid exposure and daddy took Kira with the tech, they came back fairly quick and about 20 min latter the Doctor came and told us that she was clear. He said that because of the size of the hair-pin it most likely had gone down and unless we notice now or later anything wrong she was clearly well.

The establishment, the ambient and human quality that we experienced with everybody that we came in contact was excellent to say the least. This was not a life and death experience but with any emergency I would feel good and confident attending this hospital.

Now we are big fans of Edward Hospital and we are so happy that baby #2 will be delivered at this hospital :).
Thanks you.
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Well, yes she did. But thanks God no harm done. :)
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Hey girl, at the end she swallow the pin?
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