As Kira was born, we continued our reading Journey just a few days after she came home. 

Reading is Fun!
 We always encourage reading; we make it fun and sometimes come up with games to read. One of our favorite games while on the go (walking or in the car), is “Word Spotting”, we just look for words in our path and then we say what it means (signs, or advertising posts, stickers on cars or buses, anything with a word). At the same time we introduce other things like colors, shape and/or counting, but we will talk about that in a latter post. Don't be afraid to read labels out loud at the store (who cares if someone thinks you are crazy, I'd be crazy in a heartbeat for my baby), little ones are as curious as they come, and their limitations are merely the reflection of what we did not let them do.

These day’s as we go to different places or stores, Kira starts to read signs all over the place or if we stop she will start reading labels, some that she has never seen before; sometimes it even starts to get in my nerves as we may not have much time, and I do have to get the shopping done, but in the end it is very rewording. Not so long ago as we walk down an isle in a grocery store, Kira was pointing and reading things and she most have caught the attentions of a couple that was amazed by what she was doing, they stopped us and ask “how old is she?” and then asked if we had shown her does specific signs before (which we had not), they could not believe there eyes, so we asked them to grab any item from the shelve to see if Kira would read it, sure enough Kira read the title and then did not want to continue beyond the name of the product (It was a proud moment) not sure if she maid us look bad by not wanting to read more but at least she read the product name. 
Below is our little one at 30 month of age...
Watch how she enjoys reading to us, she is having fun as she do it. This is one of our main concept as we teach new things to our little one.

We encourage all parent's to read in one way or another to their little ones, trust me it does not have to be much, just a little a day, can add up to the success of you child.
Feel free to leave us a comment, or if you have any questions in reference to our “educational style” feel free to ask away. Please note that we do not have a background in education nor claim to be experts in the subject, we are just sharing our experience and our believes in the matter.
An Artful Mom
Great advice. I read to both my little ones, and they were both early readers. They loved it. Stopped by from Moms Mingle. Hope you'll come visit. I'm a new follower. Love your blog.
RE: Reading at an Early Age.
I love the word spotting idea! I'm definitely going to use that.
RE: Reading at an Early Age.
What a cute little reader. :)

I've read to my little one since she was a baby, too. She's 3 now and we read every day, it's her favorite thing! I'm so happy that she brings me books to read to her, and that I could pass down my love of books to her. She has so many books memorized and knows her alphabet and what sounds letters make. People always ask me if I teach her to read and I don't, she picks it up on her own. :)
Riding the Crazy Train: Diary of a Delirious Mom
Great post--and it's so true! Reading to our kids is the gift that keeps on giving. When our children are young, they are like little sponges that soak up everything we show them, including written language. :-)
RE: Sweetwater Style
Thanks so much for your comment, We are always trying to find new ways for teaching our little one and make new friends, so I will definitely go and check out Sweetwater style.
Have a great day!!
Sweetwater Style
Love the post.....I think if you search Sweetwater Style you will enjoy my posts about reading! I am a school library media specialist in my non-blog you have to know how much I believe in the power of reading! Keep it up!