A celebration was in place and her big sister had it all planned out in her little head: a few days before the big day Kira told us we had to have a party and invite friend and family to celebrate that her sister was turning 3. Kaylee’s favorite color is purple and she loves Princesses, there was no more to say a Sofia the first Disney Side Celebration was the perfect fit for her party.

Kira and a friend baked the cake and even decorated it all by themselves, I was so proud of them because not only did it turned out very pretty but it was so good. You can read more about it at “Kira’s first Cake” where we share more details about the process and how well they worked together.

Kaylee on her BirthdayKaylee's Birthday, cutting the cake

Our plan was to take the girls to a park and have them have fun and get some of all that inner energy out, but Kira had other plans and we went a bit along with it. We did go to the park and had the celebration there, it was a fun day for everyone not to mention we love that both girls had a great time and we can tell from the expressions on their faces that is was all good and it turned out to be a very happy day.

It's always fun to open presents.Kaylee So happy with a Sofia the First dress that she got as a present

Remember: kids can enjoy and have so much fun with very simplest things. Pleasing them, most of the time does not take much and can mean the world for them. Sometimes we are the ones that go overboard and want so much for them that we forget the most important thing is not to give them plenty but to make it worth wild and be there for them.

Kaylee Opening her Birthday Presents

Kisses, hugs and the happy birthday song where her first gifts of the day and that sure put a big smile in her little beautiful face. From there on it was all a full but fun day till the end when both Kira and Kaylee went to bed extremely tiered.

RE: Kaylee's 3erd Birthday
A belated very happy Birthday to Kaylee :-)

Aww! lovely photos looked like she had a birthdaytastic day :-)
RE: Kaylee's 3erd Birthday
What a lovely, happy birthday! Congrats to Kaylee turning 3! I'm so glad for you and your girls. It looks like everything went perfectly. Yes, simple is often better than over the top. I also visited the post about Kira's first cake. She did a great job with her friend and I'm sure little sister was super proud of big sister and thankful too.
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RE: Kaylee's 3erd Birthday
I agree, the gifts are nice, but the feeling they carry with them forever just from us being there, is the best gift of all. That being said, it does look like a fun party, and hurrah for having it at the park (and hurrah for easy cleanup!). :) I'm glad she had a great birthday.
RE: Kaylee's 3erd Birthday
Awww Fun for everyone! She is too too cute! Oh hey, cut me a thin slice of cake... I'm on a diet! hehehehehe Thanks for sharing.
RE: Kaylee's 3erd Birthday
She is adorable! Happy Birthday.