Thankful tree

Concepts that we will be learning or re-enforcing with these activities:

  • Map Legend and how we can use them for different things
  • Columns & Rows
  • Story telling
  • Parts of a story

Early November the girls each received a blank tree, we explained how each branch would represents something that they are thankful for. We told them that they could color the tree how ever they wanted and maybe since each branch represents something they could color each one differently.

We have been introducing the concept of a legend mainly map legends, however we thought it would be a good idea for them to see how we could use a legend elsewhere. Instead of writing down over each branch they (with mom’s help) created a legend where they had three columns with the titles of: Number, Color, and Thankful for)

As a second activity we told them to start developing a story or play where they would incorporate the tree that they had colored.

Coloring a Thankful tree
Kaylee's art work - still in progress!

Thanksgiving is a few days and we have been talking about the thankful trees and about the things that we are all thankful for. On Thanksgiving day our girls will perform a play or tell a story about their thankful tree(s). They will have to come up with a name for their story or performance and they will have to identify the 5 essential elements of a story: CHARACTERS, SETTING, PLOT, CONFLICT and RESOLUTION. Help will be provided as needed. Last but not least we will discuss how each story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

As the day gets closer we are very much looking forward to what they are working on. So far I can tell you that (for now) Kira has been saying that the name will be "Rainbow Tree", not sure if from now to then it will change, we will just have to wait and see.

Learning can be so much fun!