This is a fun game that we have played a number of times and the great thing is that as they learn more we keep adding to it and making it even more challenging for them.

Lean n' play - Teaching children that Math is fun

Dice, and empty fruit tray and some small items is all one needs to play along. We even have a double dice that we place on the middle (It’s a clear dice with numbers outside and a smaller dice inside) which we love because we can set this dice to be a surprise dice, changing it from a plus to a minus or even multiplication.

Lean n' play - Dice, numbers, add and subtract like a pro

The setting: we place a dice on each of the compartments of the tray (it can be a number dice or a regular board game dice) then each player get to roll the dice (depending on the age and math skills we just have them add the number of items that was rolled into the spot on the tray, if we are doing this with older children we then use 2 dice or have a wildcard with a number where they would have to add, subtract, or multiply the number on the card with to the number that they rolled, then place the appropriate amount of items on the try (in our case we use small cars from another game that we own.

Play and learn, math is fun

This game can be played as a winning game adding point to each challenge, however we play it for fun and encourage our girls to play to enjoy the time instead of a competition.

A great thing about games like this is that we can make them as simple as 1 2 3 or go into multiplications and divisions for more advance students.

Learning Math and playing along is the way to go!!